Cannot access or ping a Virtuozzo VPS. Status in the Virtual Management console shows that the VPS is up and running.


After minutes of figuring out why the VE stopped responding, we finally pointed out the culprit. For some reason, the Windows Firewall Service is started automatically! One rule for a Windows VPS is that the firewall should not be running. I know it sounds too risky for the servers not to have a firewall started. But we gotta follow the "VE rules".

Here's how we did it:

Since we cannot access the virtual machine, we used the VZMC to do the needed changes.

1. Login to VZMC.

2. Look for the VPS options. ( Virtual Private Server)

3. Right click the problematic server then hit Manage Virtual Server.

4. Scroll down until you see the Services option.

5. Look for the Windows Firewall service then disable it.

That's it. You know have a working VE again.

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