100% CPU usage on VPS

Although my VPS is up, it continues to run very slowly. I checked on the resources being used by the VPS thru VZPP,https://ip_address:4643/ and I found out that under Resources, the CPU usage was at 100% and in red zone. The System Usage and Disk Usage are healthy, though.

When I checked on the System processess, the number of processess running is at 357. Suspecting that there may be a system limit that exceeded in the QoS settings, I went to VZMC (Virtuozzo Management Console) and under the Primary Memory related parameters, I noticed that the avnumproc is set to 40.

avnumproc is the average number of processes that will be run inside VPS.

The solution here is to increase the value set in the avnumproc (I've set mine to Unlimited).
Also, set a higher value on your numproc. This also has something to do as to how many processes the system can use.

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