After several hours of googling, and unfortunately, I'm unable to find out how to set the correct date and time on a Linux VE.

Good new is, I've tested out something that came from my mind and hey, it worked!

Here's what I did.

1. Login to the hardware node using your favorite ssh client. I used putty. It's on my downloads category.

2. I use the date command to check for the current time and date. I also used the command date to adjust the time and clock settings.

e.g. date 061913062008

That means that I want to set the date to June 19, 2008 and the current time is 13:06 or 1:00PM gmt +8.

Not that hard eh? Time to check the VE's if the changes we did to the hardware node had an effect to them. You can use the date command again in checking.

Hope this post help's you save time too.

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