You may create Service Container on a Virtuozzo hardware node using 'vzsveinstall' utility:

# vzsveinstall -D DISTRIB_DIR -s SERVICE_CT_IP

- DISTRIB_DIR - path to Virtuozzo distribution directory hierarchy on a server. F.e. if you have the Virtuozzo distrib on your server in the folder /root/Rel400 then DISTRIB_DIR should be /root/Rel400/;
- SERVICE_CT_IP - IP address to be assigned to Service Container;

Please refer to man page on 'vzsveinstall' utility for additional information.

Please note - OS template 'redhat-as3-minimal' must be installed on a hardware node and cached before Service Container may be created. If you have no that template on a node please do the following:
- install OS template 'redhat-as3-minimal', corresponding RPM package is located in the folder 'virtuozzo/SVE' inside Virtuozzo distrib (in Virtuozzo 3.x it is the folder 'HW/SVE');
- create OS template cache using 'vzpkgcache' command on a node.

If Virtuozzo server has been updated since the very first release (using 'vzup2date' utility or manually) then you need to apply all needed updates to the Service Container as well. Updates downloaded by 'vzup2date' utility are usually located under /vz/vzup2date/3.0.0/TU-3.0.0-* dirs on a Virtuozzo server. You may apply them to the Service Container using 'vzsveupgrade' utility using this simple script:

# for i in `find /vz/vzup2date/$(awk '{print $NF}'

If you need to re-create Service Container then you may destroy the existing one using 'vzctl destroy 1' utility (container must be stopped first), then create it from the scratches and apply available updates as it is described above.

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